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Stephen P. Malowski,– Head Keeper, Aviculture Department, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. Steve has worked in the zoological field since 1987. Malowski’ duties include: Supervision of staff in husbandry, breeding, neonatal and medical care of aviculture collection; Creating and maintaining aviculture staff schedule; Liaison between veterinary staff and aviculture department, Coordination of
volunteers, students and interns, and Coordination and implementation of acquisition and disposition of avian collection.
1994-present Trinidad Blue & Gold Macaw Release Program
• Involved in translocation of Blue & Gold Macaws from Guyana to Trinidad including set up infrastructure of release program, procurement of Guyana stock and release of bird population and post monitoring of established flock
• Reintroduction projects with Barn Owls, American Bald Eagles, Thick Billed Parrots, Masked Bobwhite Quail, Guam Rails and Red Crowned Cranes
• 2000-present Blue Throated Macaw Recovery Project in association with the Bird
Endowment and Associacion Armonia


Barbara E. Palmer, Currently with the Denver Zoo. Previously, the Feline Animal Keeper, San Francisco Zoo. Responsible for all daily care of the animal collection, coordinating transfers, introductions, birth preparations, behavioral enrichment, husbandry training, record keeping, keeper training, and advancing the overall husbandry and safety of the section. Palmer fills in when necessary with the bears, marsupials, various hoof-stock and rhinos. Professional projects and related fieldwork:
Snow Leopard SSP, Steering Committee Member. AZA (beginning 2010)
• Assists the other members of the committee and the population manager in decisions relating to the North American conservation breeding program for snow leopards in AZA facilities
The Clouded Leopard Consortium, trainee (2009)
Chonburi, Thailand
• Trained as an interim Project Manager
Caracal PMP Manager and International Studbook Keeper (2007 to present).
• Maintain and update the International records on captive caracal, and work with geneticists at AZA’s Population Management Center and The Felid Taxon Advisory Group to make breeding and transfer plans for caracal in North America
Felid Husbandry Course, Instructor
Felid Taxon Advisory Group – AZA (2007 to present)
• Joined other instructors in course preparation and presentation of husbandry and safety issues
Snow Leopard Conservancy, Associate Biologist (winter survey seasons 2003 and 2004)
Ladakh, India
• Assisted Dr. Rodney Jackson, and Snow Leopard Conservancy India staff in all aspects of their winter snow leopard survey work
Snow Leopards of Nepal, Earth Watch Professional Fellowship (2000)
Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal
• Assisted the Principal Investigators and other expedition members with a multi-year survey of snow leopards and prey behavior data collection
Madagascar Fauna Group, Research Assistant (release season 1998)
Betampona Special Reserve, Madagascar
• Assisted Dr. Adam Britt and the Project Betampona Malagasy staff in data collection on wild and released lemurs, animal care and transport, and the introduction of captive-born ruffed lemurs to Betampona Reserve
Marine Mammal Center, Rehabilitator (various 1990s)
Sausalito, CA
• Medical assistance and animal management of sick, injured and orphaned native pinnipeds for later release
Project Creator, Coordinator and Trip Leader, Innovative Conservation Projects
(2004 – 2005) Madagascar
• Led two trips of international animal professionals to Madagascar to meet with and do volunteer work for wildlife conservation groups within the country.


Brian Dorn-Director of Operations and Husbandry NC Aquarium Roanoke Island, Brian Dorn brings 19 years of aquarium and environmental science expertise to the Advisory Council. He earned B.S. in Marine Biology and went on to work for the EPA as a Marine Biologist Assistant working on environmental mapping projects in the Gulf of Mexico and served as the Ecological Effects Coordinator for the Exxon Valdez oil spill clean-up crew from 1990-1991. As an Aquarist at The Living Seas at Epcot Center for 11 years, Assistant Curator at the Albuquerque Aquarium for two years, and Husbandry Curator at the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores (NCAPKS) for the past 5 years, Brian has developed, built and installed marine, fresh water and terrestrial exhibits, acquired and maintained captive populations of aquarium display animals, raptor and water fowl, and maintained food cultures for captive reared populations of several species of aquarium animals. Brian has also received training on how to train raptors and water fowl for a free flight program and incorporated this training into a free flight program in a public indoor theater. He has hired trained, supervised and evaluated volunteers, interns, and employees in aquarist positions. Through involvement with AZA and through regular attendance and participation at the annual Regional Aquatic Workshop (RAW) as well as Aquatic Fish Health Workshops, International Aquaculture Workshops and Captive Elasmobranch Husbandry Seminars, Brian has developed a large network of resources in the aquarium industry. Brian is a contributing member of the Advisory Council for the Davidson County Community College developing course content and syllabus structure designed to produce marketable students in the aquarium industry. Brian also serves as the Institutional Liaison and the Institutional Representative for all AZA’s TAGs for the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores & Roanoke Island.


Roger Sherman – Associate Principal, PLA Architects + Landscape Architects, Seattle, WA; Roger has been involved in zoo design and planning since1984 when he began working at Jones & Jones Landscape Architects and Architects in Seattle, WA. As a senior Designer with several firms and Principal of his own firm, Roger has been directly involved in the development of immersion exhibit design and all aspects of zoo planning, design and construction for the last 30 years. His work includes over seventy Zoological, Aquariums, Arbortea, Interpretive and Botanical projects worldwide in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Israel, Belize, Australia, China, Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Republic of Georgia. Roger has broad experience covering overall Zoological Park Master Planning through specific species exhibit design. His work includes virtually every climatic and habitat stretching from arctic through desert, temperate, savannah, and tropical. He has designed exhibits for insects, birds, large and small mammals, primates, reptiles, and fish. His Columbus Zoo – Polar Frontier was recently awarded the 2011 AZA Top Honors Award For Exhibit Design. Roger holds a Bachelor of Science of Landscape Architecture, from Washington State University, Pullman, WA and is a Registered Landscape Architect and member of American Society of Landscape Architects.


John A. Galloway AIA, NCARB, Principal Wagner/Galloway Architects LLC-John has thirty years of experience in the design and construction industry, including design/build, architectural design, facilities planning, project management, and construction administration.He worked for the pioneering Zoo design firm, Jones & Jones Landscape Architecture and Architecture in Seattle WA. While with Jones & Jones, John was on the design team for the San Diego Zoo Lost Forest; the San Diego Safari Park Thorntree Restaurant and Bazaar renovation, the Honolulu Zoo African Savanna; and the Detroit Zoo Hippo Exhibit. In addition to his zoo design work, John has been involved with public park design and the design and planning of environmental interpretive centers. His Jones & Jones experience gave him a deep appreciation for integrated landscape and architectural design. Following his Jones & Jones tenure, John founded his own architecture design firm, eventually merging with a colleague to create an architecture and landscape architecture firm, specializing in public parks and interpretive centers. Relocating to the Grand Valley in 1998, his practice has focused on commercial and public projects. As a GV Zoo Quest Advisor, John brings wide experience in project development; zoo, parks and interpretive center design; and project management and construction administration experience. Prior to his career in architecture, John had a 12 year career as a secondary school teacher and administrator.

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