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School EdZOOcation:

GVZQ provides to local schools a cluster of programs designed to enhance grade level science standards . Our Director of Education creates extra-curricular learning adventures, making sure our educational objectives meet - or exceed those put forth in the Colorado State Science Standards for each grade in elementary school through high school.  Since January 2011, we have worked with over 16,000 students of all ages through our programs and outreach. There are NO SIMILAR PROGRAMS with live animals within 250 miles of Grand Valley.


EdZOOcation Day:

In this community family life science event, GVZQ creates numerous life science stations for one day in the Spring providing a variety of topics such as: shark anatomy; length of a baby Humpback Whale, snakes, lizards, feathers-dinosaurs to birds, local flora, parrots of the world, animal life cycle, animal adaptation, how far can animals jump compared to humans, and many more. Each station has an activity for family to enjoy together.


Lunchtime in the Wetlands:

A program created for the Annual Ute Water Festival. 5th grade students from all over the Grand Valley come together for two days of education regarding water. GVZQ teaches the frog life cycle, wetland web of life, and students play an interactive game where they are food, habitat, or a frog. This game simulates real life in the wetland over a series of years. Students document the rise and fall of key elements within a food web each time the game is played. They analyze the data and discuss what happens with the ecosystem should one element become lost forever.


Invasive Species

What is an invasive species and what effects do they have on our native wildlife and ecosystem?  Students learn about non-native wildlife and their impact on local ecosystems, as well as across our country.  Students view exotic animals; examine their viability within our country; while exploring their special needs when kept domestically.


Safe Around Animals:

GVZQ teaches students of all age how to change their behavior around wild and domesticated animals to ensure the safety of both the student and the animal. Children learn what they should be doing on hikes to let the animals know they are coming and to "leave only foot prints while taking only pictures." Students learn to ask domesticated pet owners before touching, walk up slowly when told to do so or staying away. They hear that exotic animals although called "pets" are not domesticated but wild.


Wild About Reading:

A program underwritten by GVZQ to excite children about reading. Retired teacher Tracy Barron as Volunteer Director of Education designed a complete packet including: teacher, parent, & student information regarding the program; tracking sheets, calendar of wild events, "Kick off" animal assembly, teacher and student support, large accumulative school tracking poster, T-shirts for the top two readers in every grade plus an awards assembly.

Our pilot for this program was completed this September with all students at one local elementary school asked to read 50,000 minutes in three weeks. Outside of class these students read 75,000 minutes! This program continues to resonate throughout our community; other schools have requested to be a part of our "Wild about Reading" program next spring.


BOO with the ZOO

A variation of our 2011 community life science EdZOOcation Day in the spring. Boo with the Zoo follows the Halloween theme with insects, creepy crawlies, and animals that glow in the dark plus nocturnal creatures.

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