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GVZQ is a group of professionals devoted to creating a zoo in the Grand Valley of Western Colorado. Our goal is to not only make learning fun - but to advocate for animals and the environment; we want to bring learners and nature together to promote education, conservation, and research. Many of our Board Members are already involved in animal recovery and rehabilitation.


GVZQ is dedicated to learners interacting with live animals and nature; working closely to be sure our educational objectives meet - or exceed those put forth in the Colorado State Science Standards. Since January 2011, we have worked with nearly 10,000 students of all ages through our programs and outreach. There are NO SIMILAR PROGRAMS with live animals within 250 miles of Grand Valley.


We endeavor to be both effective and proactive for the good of our community. Already we have collaborated with the Museum of Western Colorado, the Colorado Division of Parks & Wildlife, Ute Water Conservancy, Mesa County Health and Safety Council, the Bureau of Land Management,  City of Fruita, Fruita Chamber of Commerce, and many others.

We are research based. For decades, researchers have studied the important benefits of children interacting with animals and nature. Some of those findings include: nurturing relationships between children and animals helps to cultivate empathy in children; children’s interaction with animals create a sense of responsibility for living things; children who interact with nature and animals grow up to be conservation conscience adults; and children who are exposed to nature score higher on tests of concentration and self-discipline.


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